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All purchases made on EnglishSole.com are final and are not eligible for a refund after payment. We encourage all buyers to read the details of the item they are purchasing as certain items may be listed as conditional or previously owned. All items purchased from EnglishSole.com are guaranteed 100% authentic prior to the sale. Once the item is shipped, a tracking number will be provided, therefore any claim of un-received items or lost merchandise shall be resolved with the shipping company, Paypal, or the creditor. Any unauthorized chargebacks made on items are fraudulent and will be resolved through the buyer’s bank or through PayPal’s dispute center in fairness to both the buyer and seller. Upon paying for an item, the buyer acknowledges that “charge backs” or “unauthorized purchases/transactions” initiated via the buyer’s bank and/or creditor will be recognized by PayPal and creditors as an attempt to fraudulently keep the merchandise of the seller while receiving reimbursement. Additionally, We (English Sole LLC) reserve the right to revoke access to our products and refuse sales to any customer at any point in time should we feel that proceeding with a transaction could result in fraudulent behavior on the customer’s end. Finally, any issues concerning an item must be brought up to us directly within 24 hours of the item being received. If buyers have any questions regarding an item listed on the site, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you to the best of our ability.



The items sold on this site were not manufactured by us, therefore we do not offer any type of warranty for the items sold.  Buyers assume all risk involved in the use of the items. This is inclusive but not limited to the quality and performance of the product. In no way will English Sole LLC be liable to you under any circumstances for the damage, theft, loss, or inability of use of the items you purchase or sell. Should the use of these products result in personal injury of any sort, English Sole will not be held responsible in any way shape or form. Buyers are advised to contact the manufacturer directly should any issues concerning quality arise.



English Sole LLC will not be held responsible for any issues related to the content listed on the website. This includes but is not exclusive to typographical/grammatical errors, product pricing, description, model name, and style number. We do our best to ensure the content displayed on EnglishSole.com is as up-to-date and as accurate as possible. We recognize that on occasion mistakes can be made, and we urge all customers to report issues immediately so that we can correct them promptly and continue providing the best possible service to the consumer.



We do our best to ensure that all inventory availability is up-to-date. Should an item become unavailable during the processing of an order, a refund will be issued. Sales are not guaranteed until shipping confirmation has been provided to the buyer. All shipping and fees including paypal invoice fees and sales tax will be assessed on top of the price listed on the website. English Sole LLC does not condone or promote the sale of stolen or illegally acquired goods. However, since many of the items we receive may be received on consignment, we assume that all products listed were acquired legally and that sales tax was assessed upon the initial purchase of the item. English Sole LLC will not be held responsible legally should any issue arise regarding the consignees acquisition of the items. However, English Sole LLC will cooperate to the best of our ability in the unlikely event that any legal issues arise.



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