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Are the shoes on EnglishSole.com authentic?

Yes. The items we list on our site are 100% authentic guaranteed. We’ve been selling shoes for a long time, and have references to vouch for the legitimacy of our inventory as well as our customer service. Anything you purchase from us WILL be authentic or your money back.

Does English Sole have a store that I can visit?

At this point in time, English Sole is an entirely online based store.

Why don’t you guys have a store?

Currently, we are a 2 man operation. Between the 2 of us we are either in school full time or working full time. Opening a store would require us to solely invest our time into shoes and we’re just not up for that at this point. Additionally, owning a store front would mean that we would have to charge you (the consumer) a premium price to account for the overhead we have into a store front. Nobody likes paying higher prices. We don’t like charging them, you don’t like paying them. So because we are online based, we are able to offer our customers prices on shoes that store fronts may find difficult to match.

I want to return an item, is that cool?

Unfortunately, all sales on EnglishSole.com are final. We encourage customers to read all details associated with the items that they are purchasing. While all items are guaranteed 100% authentic, sometimes products can be listed as “conditional” or “gently worn.” Additionally those that consign their shoes with us are promptly paid, therefore once an item is sold, a check is issued and the funds cannot be recovered.

I have some shoes I’d like to sell, do you guys buy?

Yes we do buy shoes. Please head over to the “Contact Us” page and we’d be happy to assist you.

We weren’t able to agree on a price for my shoes, is there any way I can still list them on the site?

Yes. In the occasion that we aren’t able to come to an agreement on the shoes you want to sell, we offer a 90/10 split on consignment items. You tell us what you want out of the shoes and if we agree on a price we’ll list it with our 10% tacked on top. However, if the price is too high or we receive an item that is questionable, we reserve the right to deny the item. Any shipping fees or return shipping fees will be assessed at the expense of the consignee. So if you have an item that you think is questionable, we urge you not to attempt to consign it. We don’t want you to waste your time and money.

I’m looking for an item that you guys don’t have, can you help me find it?

One of the advantages of doing business with us is that if we don’t have an item in stock, we will find it for you. This is all a part of our “sneaker concierge service.” By heading over to the “Concierge” tab, you can submit the item you are looking for and we will respond with a price estimate as well as a time estimate that you can either accept or deny. Once an agreement is reached, the item will be paid for up front and then we will work our magic to find you the best possible price we can! It’s important to note that timing is everything in terms of finding great deals, so the longer you allow us, the better the price will be. However, if you need an item located promptly for a special event, we will have no problem filling your request!

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