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Don't have time to sell shoes from your collection? Sick of dealing with sketchy meetups and buyers low balling you? Then feel free to consign your shoes with us. You send us the shoes, and we make them move. After filling out the following form, we will contact you with an address to ship your shoes to. Currently we operate our consignment at 10% commission meaning you pocket 90% of the sale! 

Step 1: Fill out your personal information.
Full Name:    Email:      Phone:
Step 2: Fill out information regarding your shoes.
Shoe Brand:      Model:      Colorway:
Shoe Size:      Shoe Condition:      Price Range (In USD $):
Step 3: Additional Comments:

We will inform you, by email, if your quote has been accepted or denied. If accepted, we will include instructions on how to proceed with the consignment process. If denied, English Sole’s trained specialists will work with you to determine the appropriate sale price based on a fair market value of the same product.
If there's another pair you'd like to consign, fill out the form again. If you have any questions, feel free to email us here!
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